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PHPinternet Solutions has extensive experience developing a wide range of custom business software systems. If there are inefficiencies in your current work methodology and you cannot find an off the shelf product to satisfy your requirements, contact us. From our very first meeting we will present you with ideas of how to better use technology to improve the way your business functions.

Some of the diverse projects we’ve worked on include:

  • Appointments and Scheduling
  • Document Control and Management
  • Donation Management
  • Event planning
  • Inventory Control
  • Salesforce Management
  • And much more…

With a custom software solution you determine how the software works rather than having the software determine how you must work. While we understand that every business is unique, we will work together with you to understand the rules and logic you need. Some of the ways a customized system could help your business include:

  • Automate and streamline tedious tasks.
  • Service your clients more efficiently by giving them access to the information they need in a timely manner, in the format they require.
  • Enhance communication and coordination between staff members.
  • Maintain control over your data. Make it manageable, searchable, and distributable based on your own rules and logic.
  • Implement your own rules to verify and validate your data at all required stages.
  • And much more…
We will help you

We will develop a technology that works for you, to make your business better. Our team of programming experts will come up with solutions to help achieve your vision and goals of what the software should be doing to improve your business.

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